Inspirations for Your Soul Journey

Welcome!  Come in!  It’s an honor to have you visit Diamond Art Inspirations, where inspirations for your spiritual journey radiate from my heart to yours through art! 

My sense is that you have been led here by your spirit guides (or your angels), who know that there is something that I can contribute to the expansion of your soul.  I am honored to be part of that!

My Mission

  • To inspire you to explore who you are and to step into your brilliance.

Yes, I know, it is a bold statement.  Isn’t that what your journey is really all about?  Knowing yourself and accepting that you are an incredible being?  By stepping out beyond your comfort zone, you create an amazing opportunity to transform yourself into the being you know you can be deep down in your heart.  And, who knows who you may inspire along the way?

Paying It Forward

The most powerful gift we can give others is to pay it forward.  For me, paying it forward means passing on what has uplifted and encouraged me.  Where did this inspiration come from?  From learning to listen to the wise and loving voice within, other people, meditation and nature.  Here’s where you can find some of the wonderful wisdom that has come to me:

Inspiration From Me to You

The loving voice within revealed to me that creating inspiring art is my gift to you.  My prayer is that this art provides you with an opportunity to light up your soul!

On the New Perspectives page you will find links to artwork for uplifting and encouraging you on your journey.   Connected with each piece is a golden nugget or two of wisdom.  Or, if you so choose, go directly to the Inspirational Artwork Gallery.

New artwork will be revealed to you as it is created.  

Life on this planet is so wonderful when your heart sings!  Let’s sing together!

Praying that your journey is filled with light and love, 

Jackie D  

P.S. I see this as my sacred studio where the magic happens!

Inspirations received here!

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