Diamond Art Inspirations Comes After a Life of Discovery

Jackie D

Change is the word that best describes my life.  Going to college to become a veterinarian and coming out of graduate school some years later as an accountant was just the beginning!  Accounting became a long-term career, and although it was an excellent profession, I realized after a while that it did not fulfill me.  I had outgrown what it could do for me.   

Even more, it felt like that there ought to be something more to life, although what that something might be was a puzzle.  The desire to figure out the puzzle prompted a search, lasting many years, for that something by asking endless questions and reading stacks of books.  It even entailed moving all around the US, wondering if that something was a place.  Have you wondered that too?  Was it a sanctuary nestled in a valley surrounded by majestic mountains or on a dramatic clifftop overlooking hypnotic ocean waves? 

Finally, I arrived at a place where everything came together—Raleigh, North Carolina.  As you can probably imagine, Raleigh is not the place where I expected it to happen!  It is not nestled in the mountains.  Nor is it on a clifftop overlooking the ocean.  It was the right place at the right time for me, though.  It was where I met the people who either guided me on my journey themselves or sent me to other guides. 

What was the result of all of this wonderful guidance?  I discovered that what fulfills my heart and soul is painting!  The desire of my life is that my art inspires you to go on your own journey of discovery!  That is why Diamond Art Inspirations was created.

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Etsy has been selected to provide you with the opportunity to purchase reproductions of my paintings and photos as digital downloads, framed prints or canvas prints.  Please visit at www.etsy.com/shop/InspiredInArt