Art Illuminating the Spiritual-Merging with the Divine

As my passion is all about art illuminating the spiritual, learning more about an art movement often ignites my imagination to create spiritual art in that movement’s style.  Cubism was one such movement. 

As unbelievable as it may seem, Cubism was actually sparked by something totally unrelated to painting—the movies!  Upon seeing this brand-new phenomenon in the early 1900s, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were captivated by the telling of a story through a series of still frames (shown over time).  

Cubism—A New Style

Picasso and Braque were so inspired by these “moving pictures” that they were determined to work out how to tell a story on a single canvas.  Their final solution was to paint objects on a canvas in different perspectives and dissolved into various parts.  No one had ever painted like this before.  This brand new “modern” style of painting was called Cubism by an art critic of the time for the way that objects were divided into pieces.  Isn’t it fascinating how something so commonplace to us today, the movies, inspired a whole new way of thinking?

Pablo Picasso’s passionate interest in the animal cave paintings in Lascaux, France and Altamira, Spain also intrigued me.  Picasso was so inspired by the cave paintings done thousands of years ago that he produced a number of works in a similar style.  For that he was called a “modern primitive.”

How Do I Tell a Story on Canvas?

The ideas of telling a story on a canvas and the dissolution of form really struck a chord with me.  How could I tell the story of the transformation from our focus on the 3-dimensional material world to an awareness that we are a part of the Divine?  This painting, Merging with the Divine, was my solution.  

Merging with the Divine

Rock petroglyphs seen on my travels were an inspiration for me, as cave paintings had been for Picasso.  Here, then, is my finest effort so far at art illuminating the spiritual…at least until the Universe sends me another fabulous idea!

To the left of the line, or the veil of forgetfulness, is our familiar 3-dimensional world.  When we become aware that our true self is not our 3-dimensional body, we have stepped through the veil.  When we become truly aware that we are Divine beings, our hearts open and we joyously merge with the Divine.  A gentle reminder…Notice how easily the natural world merges with the Divine.

To return to the root question that we all ask, “Who am I?” click on the companion piece, Divinely Connected, where I explore that very question.

 If you are inspired by this artwork, wonderful!  Please visit the Inspirational Artwork Gallery page to see more inspirational art or InspiredInArt, an Etsy shop where reproductions of my artwork are available for purchase in digital download, framed print and canvas print options.

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