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In our modern era, much of art that illuminates the spiritual is found in Mexican Modernism.  Chances are, you have never heard of this art movement.  Few people have.  Mexican Modernism should be given a lot of credit, though.  Why?  Let me tell you…  

A Very Brief History of Mexico

Mexico’s history has been one of upheaval.  Spain brought a very different way of thinking to the indigenous population, when it began its occupation in the early 1500s.  Declaring independence from Spain in 1810 didn’t improve matters for the Mexican people, as crisis after crisis appeared in the following decades.  By 1910, there was more than enough dissatisfaction to start a revolution.  However, the Mexican Revolution (as we know it today) just produced another set of challenges.

The result of this long and turbulent history was an identity crisis for the Mexican people.  Were they of Old Mexico?  Were they Spanish?  Or, were they of a new Mexico?  Mexican artists asked “Who Am I?” as often as anyone else and began exploring the question in their work around 1900.  This exploration is now known as Mexican Modernism. 

So, nearly a century before the rest of us, Mexicans asked the question that is at the heart of the human condition and that countless people are asking today: “Who Am I?”  I’d say Mexicans deserve a tremendous amount of credit for their courage in exploring this question during the dense, heavy atmosphere of the early industrial revolution!

Personally Answering the Question: “Who Am I?” 

My first exposure to Mexican Modernism was in an art class.  As the “Who Am I?” question was so central to Mexican Modernism, it was no surprise that we were given an assignment to create a painting answering that very question—our own foray into art that illuminates the spiritual!  

Working on the class assignment gave me the bones of an idea.  Since the “Who Am I?” question is such a vital part of the spiritual journey, I gave it quite a bit more thought once the pressure of finishing the assignment was off!  Divinely Connected was the result.

Divinely Connected

My answer to “Who Am I?” was to show that each of us is a being of energy.  We come to Earth to inhabit a body integrally tied to the Earthly elements of air, water, earth and fire.  And, as beings of energy, we are connected to other beings of energy who are experiencing the human adventure with us and to the loving Divine Source of us all.

Of course, considering the source of my inspiration, the painting had to include an element or two from the Mexican Modernism style, such as bright colors and a bold landscape! 

May this painting inspire you on your own journey towards answering, “Who Am I?”

To delve further into this question, view the companion piece, Merging with the Divine, where I explore how we relate to the world we see and to the world we don’t see (the spiritual realm).

 If you are inspired by this artwork, wonderful!  Please visit the Inspirational Artwork Gallery page to see more inspirational art or InspiredInArt, an Etsy shop where reproductions of my artwork are available for purchase in digital download, framed print and canvas print options.

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