Remembering the Empowered Human That You Are

Remembering that you are an empowered human is spiritual ascension.  Remembering that you are an empowered human, or a whole being of consciousness participating in a game called the human experience, is spiritual ascension 2.0.  In her Reset 2022 program, Lorie Ladd presented so much powerful, transformative material to assist us in remembering who we are that only a portion of it may be summarized here.  Registering for Lorie’s Reset 2022 program at will give you the full benefit of the material.

Remembering you are an empowered human playing a game is Spiritual Ascension 2.0!

Accepting Responsibility

Throughout recorded history most humans have not understood their life experiences.  Most humans have believed themselves to be victims of external circumstances.  (Quite the opposite of being an empowered human, don't you think?)  Misunderstanding our experiences is not surprising, as we all have been taught from childhood to believe in the external more than ourselves.  When you focus on the external, you do not know the value of going inside and having an internal dialogue about why, and how, things have occurred. 

From the material on the previous ascension 2.0 pages, do you see that YOU have been the architect of your life?  You chose the core consciousnesses that you wanted to experience before incarnating here on Earth (see the What is Spiritual Ascension 2.0? page), even though you forgot that you chose them (see the Spiritual Ascension Process Begins with Forgetting page), and that your Higher Self guided the experiences to you based on your choices (see the Life is Spiritual Journey of Experiencing page).

If you are willing to accept that these statements are true for you, you have truly stepped onto the spiritual ascension 2.0 path!  You have accepted responsibility for your life.

When we accept that we wanted to have experiences in order to understand our chosen core consciousnesses and that others agreed to assist us because we couldn’t have the experiences without them, we are also able to forgive others for their part in our experiences.  After all, the true motive of their whole being was to assist us.  

Recognizing Traumas

Do you remember that traumas are the energy of emotions and thoughts from past experiences that is stored in the body?  The energy is there because we stopped the emotions and thoughts from doing what they were designed to do—to be experienced and then allowed to flow through and out.

To move along the ascension path, an empowered human must recognize and process the energy that has been stored in the body.  The function is the same as ballast in a hot air balloon.  When you drop sand from the ballast, you release weight carried by the balloon, and the balloon rises. Processing the “heavy” stored traumas allows the frequency of your body to rise in much the same way.

In order to reduce the “heaviness” of stored traumas, we must first recognize those traumas.  Asking the following questions of ourselves may point us toward the traumas we are holding:

1  What behaviors am I exhibiting?  The behaviors were created to avoid feeling the stored energy of a particular trauma.  

2  What triggers me?  Triggers are knee-jerk reactions to what someone else has said or done.  Since you will not be triggered unless there is an underlying trauma, recognizing that you have been triggered is invaluable in identifying a trauma.  For example, if you get angry when someone cuts you off in traffic, it may be pointing toward an underlying trauma of feeling undervalued.      

3  Are feelings coming up out of the blue?  Feelings, like unworthiness, that just pop up out of nowhere are reminders that the trauma is still there and waiting to be processed.

Processing the Energy

Processing means allowing the energy from emotions and thoughts to come up to be felt, without attempting to control, or attach to, the “feeling.”  This is not something we want to do, because the stored energy is mostly what we don’t want to feel.  However, it will always be with us, unless we “bite the bullet” and process it.  

Here are Lorie’s suggestions for processing the energy:

1  See it.  This means recognize the feeling for what it is.  For example, see that you are angry at the loss of a job.

2  Feel it.  Allow yourself to actually feel what comes up.  Feel how angry you are at losing a job.

3  Observe it.  This is the most important aspect of the process.  You must observe yourself experiencing the feeling, like anger, and not identify with it.  If you identify with it, or attach to it, you have just dropped back into the trauma.  

4  Choose.  Do you really want this feeling?  Can you choose a different emotion, such as gratitude for what the anger has shown you? 

Processing the Energy is Actually Integrating It

The most challenging concept of Lorie’s Reset 2022 program for me was the following:

     When we process the energy from stored traumas, we are NOT fixing it or getting rid of it or changing it.  We are integrating it.  

I did not want to hear that!  The last thing I wanted to do was to keep feelings that I carried for years, such as feelings of not being good enough for my mother.    (Check out the My Greatest Teachers page,  if you would like to read about some experiences of feeling not good enough.) 

Remembering that we bring “home” ALL experiences to Source finally allowed me to accept that integration is the desired processing method.  As I love to travel, I could visualize myself bringing “home” a suitcase filled with souvenirs of my experiences to Source.

After all, as an aspect of Source, each of us is fulfilling Source’s desire to have experiences that are different than what It knows as Itself.  Quite a mission we all have, don’t you think?

Being an Empowered Human

Being an empowered human may not be easy, especially in these times when we are in the first wave of humans remembering who we are.  However, you must ask yourself if you will be content with your life as it is, especially now that you are aware of the information that has been presented on this and the previous pages. 

To stay as you are or to step onto the ascension pathway?  That is what you must decide.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best in this game called the human experience!

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