What’s Your Favorite Saying or Quote?

Do you have a favorite saying or quote?

Quotes are powerful messages in small packages.  Indeed, you may find them inspiring you in new, and unexpected, ways! 

Your favorite saying or quote may inspire you in new ways!

Why is Your Favorite Saying or Quote Special?

Why is your favorite saying or quote special for you?  Were you so energized by the quote’s topic that the quote set you on a journey of discovery to know more about the topic?  Or, maybe the quote encouraged you to see an old idea in a new, more spiritual way.  Or, were you so fired with enthusiasm after reading the quote that you made changes in your life?  The possibilities are endless with these potent little gems.

You are cordially invited to share your favorite saying or quote here.  If you also feel moved to share why the quote is special for you, we’d love to hear it!  Whatever you would like to contribute, please know that your contribution may encourage or inspire someone else on their soul journey.  On behalf of everyone else, thank you for your contribution! 

A Gentle Disclaimer

This space is meant to be a free space to share favorite sayings or quotes.  It is not a schoolroom.  If your shared quote is not in the exact form as it was originally written (or spoken), it’s still good.  A quote, in whatever form, still has its brilliant, inspirational value.

We look forward to seeing your favorite saying or quote!

Share Your Favorite Saying or Quote Here!

Is there a quote that is so powerful that it has taken you in an exciting, new direction? Please share your quote and inspire us too!

Memorable Quotes Shared by Others

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Karma NEVER looses an address!!

Guiding Light 
Barns burnt down Now I can see the moon! Old Japanese proverb

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