Human Spiritual Ascension

Human spiritual ascension is becoming aware of who you really are—a sovereign being of free will. When you are a sovereign being, you make choices that feel good to you and that resonate with your heart, not because you are afraid of the consequences.

What we are experiencing in the world right now is a human spiritual ascension of epic proportions.  Many, many humans are awakening to the realization that making choices based on fear doesn’t feel right.

Human Spiritual Ascension is making choices from the heart

Note: The information on this page comes primarily from Lorie Ladd and Tim Whild, both of whom channel information from higher dimensional sources.  You may also find them on Facebook, which is where I started following them.  Each posts free and highly informative videos on Facebook on a regular basis.

Is This Story Familiar?

Growing up and far into adulthood, I believed the authority figures in my life (parents, teachers and bosses) when they told me that, if I didn’t do something a certain way, there would be terrible consequences.  For example, my parents were worried about my being able to support myself, which I absorbed and translated into: find a “good” job or something bad would happen to me.  So, what did I do whenever I was looking for a job?  Accept the first job offer that came along, because I was afraid there wouldn’t be another offer.  In other words, I made a choice based on fear.

Did following the programming I had received (i.e., absorbing and accepting the thoughts of others) bring success?  According to the “program,” yes.  I was able to make a good living with my choices.  Did it bring me happiness and satisfaction?  No.  I moved all around the US and from job to job because I wasn’t happy.  I felt there was something missing with how I had been taught to live my life.  Does this story sound familiar?

Human History Has Been of Fear-Based Decisions

For thousands of years, humans have been making decisions based on fear.  If you don’t do such and such, something bad will happen.

Finding a job was just one of the decisions I made based on fear.  There have been many other such decisions in my life.  How about you?  In fact, you may be faced with one of those decisions right now—either put something in your body or have no source of income (or something equally as challenging).

We need to have compassion for ourselves for making decisions in this way.  We learned it from our parents, who learned it from their parents, and so on back through millennia.  We have all been doing the best we could with what we were aware of.

However, making a decision because you were afraid of the consequences is not an empowering way to make decisions.  How do you feel when you believe you have been forced into a specific choice?  Deflated?  Powerless?  I certainly have.  Wouldn’t you prefer to feel empowered after making a decision rather than deflated?

Why Is Human Spiritual Ascension Happening?

Human spiritual ascension is a process like any other evolutionary process, and evolution means change in order to adapt more fully to the environment.  From the information that has come to me, the Earth itself has increased its frequency from a 3rd dimensional (lower vibrational energy) to a 5th dimensional frequency (higher vibrational energy), and we are along for the ride.

We humans have existed on the Earth for thousands of years in a 3rd dimensional frequency.  The 3rd dimensional frequency promotes choices that are mind/ego/logic based.  In this dimension, choices are highly susceptible to the influence of others and the emotions of fear, greed, anger, etc.

On the other hand, the 5th dimensional frequency promotes choices that are made from the heart.  Choices that are heart-based are influenced by the higher frequency emotion of love.  This means that choices come from within us through our intuition and what feels right to us.  This is a much more empowered way to make choices, don’t you think?  Our human spiritual ascension is taking us down this path.

For some thoughts on how to navigate our ascension, click on Spiritual Ascension Guide-Heart Based Decision Making.

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