An Inspirational Quote Art Print-Divine on Earth

This inspirational quote art print came from a delightful idea that just popped into my head while out on a walk in nature.  Since I am the most open to receiving from Source while out in nature, it’s not surprising that that’s when the best ideas come.

Laughing Out Loud!

On my walk, I had been thinking how we, as spiritual beings, squeeze our essence down into the human body when we come to Earth.  My mind wandered over some of the usual new age descriptions of the process, like “zipping up in a body suit.”

When the image of a beer stein (with a proper lid, of course!) popped into my head, I laughed out loud!  A follow-up image, where a ball of light is about to drop down into an open human stein, quickly came to mind.   The vision was so vivid I knew it needed to be painted.

The Questions!

Knowing what to paint was one thing.  The actual painting of it was quite another! 

Painting a stein-like object and a ball of light on canvas, and adding a few words, seems like a simple and straightforward project, doesn’t it?  Well…It started out simply enough.

Like My Cloak of Stars, a background of infinite space, with a rainbow at the bottom representing the chakra colors, seemed like the perfect accompaniment to the main visual element.  It was decided and done quickly.

That was the end of any snap decisions, though, because the questions began to flow about then.  Starting as a trickle, they soon became a flood.  Questions like:  How big should the ball of light be?  Where should the ball of light be placed?  What color should the human-like stein be?  What texture should it be?  How long should the legs be?  And, on and on and on.  I guess I should have expected it.  After all, you don’t sit down to paint a human-looking beer stein floating in space every day, do you?

My mentor, who is a very talented artist and a superb teacher, has often said that artists create problems in order to come up with solutions.  Boy, did I prove that!

An inspirational quote art print - Divine on Earth

The Result

This inspirational quote art print, Divine on Earth, is the result of all of that problem creating and solving.  It was accomplished with the wonderful support and suggestions from my mentor and the members of the art classes I was taking at the time.  Like everything else in life, Source provides you with what you need, if you are open.  I am very grateful for the assistance!

 If you are inspired by this artwork, wonderful!  Please visit the Inspirational Artwork Gallery page to see more inspirational art or InspiredInArt, an Etsy shop where reproductions of my artwork are available for purchase in digital download, framed print and canvas print options.

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