New Perspectives-Inspirational Thoughts Rise Naturally

Inspirational thoughts leading to new perspectives naturally bubble up when we are feeling good, when our hearts are open and free.

Feeling Good with Music 

We are inspired by music.  When a marching band plays, we want to tap our toes.  Or, sometimes we are almost moved to tears when we hear a piece of music.  Handel’s Messiah rocks my soul every time I hear it, and it has nothing to do with religion for me. 

Music often stirs inspirational thoughts!

Scientifically, music is the creation of energy vibrations known as sound waves.  The faster the sound waves travel, the higher their frequency.

The Human Operating Manual

Why am I talking about energy vibrations and frequencies?  According to quantum theory, everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrations, including us.  For some additional insight on how everything is energy, click on Quantum Physics and Spirituality.

When we listen to music, our body’s energy vibrations sync with those of the music.  If the music is at a high frequency, ours will increase to match it.  

Inspirational thoughts and emotions, like love, gratitude or joy, come easily when our frequencies are high.  These inspirational thoughts further accelerate the frequency of our energy vibrations, triggering even more thoughts of love, gratitude or joy.  Vibrations and thoughts are like hand in glove.  Each fuels the other, gaining momentum on the energy scale.  

High Frequency Thoughts and Emotions

Why is focusing on high frequency thoughts and emotions like love or gratitude important?  When our thoughts and emotions are at a high frequency, the constriction around our hearts (caused by low energy emotions such as anger or resentment) is eased.  Our hearts open and we begin to see possibilities in our lives, where we saw none before. 

Knowing that possibilities exist frees our decision-making.  We begin to make decisions based on what we truly desire.  Imagine what your life would be like if the only criteria in your decision making was whether or not you wanted the experience!  What would you do…or be…or have, if the cost didn't matter?  

Art Inspires Too

Music stirs inspirational thoughts directly by touching our body’s energy vibrations.  Art is more indirect.  

One of the most coveted pieces of art in the world is the Ghent Altarpiece, also known as the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, attributed mostly to Jan Van Eyck.  

Ghent Altarpiece

The Altarpiece can be found in the Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Ghent, Belgium, when it isn’t in the hands of a thief!  It is so coveted that it, or parts of it, have been stolen 7 times!  Here are links to some fascinating articles about it: Getty FoundationMet Museum and NPR-Thefts.

Why is this piece so compelling that people want to possess it?  Symbols!  The Altarpiece’s images are believed to open the door to the spiritual world. 

New Perspectives on Art

Symbols are door openers, although probably not in the way you’d expect.  If we go back to quantum theory, contemplation of a superb piece of art, like the Ghent Altarpiece, stimulates inspirational thoughts, raising the frequency of our energy vibrations. 

Like music, this opens our hearts.  Feeling more loving and expansive inspires us to move beyond everyday thinking, toward a more spiritual direction.  Quite a different way of looking at art, don’t you think?  It certainly was an eye opener for me.

Inspirational Thoughts From Me to You

For the art that I create for you, my inner voice guided me to offer:

  • A way to sooth away the lower chaotic vibrations we feel in in our everyday lives.  Sometimes this is just what we need.
  • And, a way to inspire you to go beyond everyday thoughts, using modern, universal symbols.  

The Jewels

Clicking on the title of each piece of artwork below will take you to its dedicated page, where you will learn what moved me to create it or a thought-provoking story about it.  Or, click on Inspirational Artwork Gallery to see my inspirational art collection.

New! Life Is a Magical Adventure

Life Is a Magical Adventure!

How do you see life?  Can you imagine yourself on this game board playing a game called the human experience? 

New!  Divine on Earth

Divine on Earth

You are a Divine being dwelling for a brief time on Earth.  How would you picture it?  Here is one thought-provoking way to imagine it!

Keeping My Eye on the Prize-Climb

Keeping My Eye on the Prize-Climb

Envision yourself in this motivational picture relaxing at your campfire and contemplating your hike to the top of the mountain tomorrow.  Feeling at peace and yet imagining the sense of triumph when you reach the summit!  How would life be if your thoughts about all life experiences were this empowering?

Following My Heart

Following My Heart

Following where your heart wants to go doesn’t look as easy as the route taken by the crowd.  Know that your heart will lead you unerringly towards your fondest desire.  Will the traditional route?

My Cloak of Stars

My Cloak of Stars

Imagine wearing a cloak that makes you feel so good you move with total confidence through your world. You know who you are and you are living it!

Divinely Connected

Divinely Connected

“Who Am I?”  is a question that countless people are asking.  May this inspirational print encourage you in your own quest for the answer!

To delve further into this question, view the companion piece, Merging with the Divine, where how we relate to the world we see and to the world we don’t see (the spiritual realm) is explored. 

Merging with the Divine

Merging with the Divine

When we awaken to who we truly are, we step across the veil of forgetfulness from the 3-dimensional world and merge with the Divine.  May this inspiring print encourage you on your soul journey!

To return to the root question that we all ask, view the companion piece, Divinely Connected, where the question, “Who am I?” is explored.

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