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I am looking forward to traveling on our journey of exploration together!

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What is Freedom?

Our attention has been turned toward our freedoms in recent months. What does it mean to be free? Each of the following definitions offers a look at freedom from a slightly different perspective:

“True freedom has to do with the human spirit—it is the freedom to be who we really are.”

“The freedom we are looking for is the freedom to be ourselves, to express ourselves.”

“The freedom we seek is to use our own mind and body, to live our own life, instead of the life of the belief system.”

Ruiz, Don Miguel. _The Four Agreements_. San Rafael, California, Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc., 1997.

Which definition resonates the most for you? Or, do they all speak to you? For me, they were all so good, deciding on only one was not possible! Then, deciding which quotes page would be the home for these beautiful quotes took even more consideration. Ultimately, it was the Most Motivational Quotes page. Whew, this was quite a week!

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The Most Motivational Quotes for Our Soul Journey

The quotes on this page are the most motivational quotes for energizing our soul journey, in my opinion.

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Trust in the Divine

Have you been told to put your trust in the Divine (or more specifically, God)? It is one of the most important things you can do to manifest your desires!

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An Empowering Way to View Others

In these times of intense exchanges between people, a simple quote caused me to sit up and take notice:

“We are all good, decent, loving souls who occasionally get lost.”

Dyer, Wayne W. _Your Sacred Self, Making the Decision to Be Free_. HarperCollins Publishers, 1995.

It is such an empowering way to view ourselves and others. Can you imagine how different our relationships would be, if we all kept this quote in mind?

This quote would be right at home on more than one quotes page, although the Purely Inspirational Words of Wisdom page called the loudest!

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Purely Inspirational Words of Wisdom

The inspirational words of wisdom on this page were chosen for their radiant uplifting encouragement.

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