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As we travel along on our journey, I’ll be passing on the incredible inspirational wisdom that has come to me, and of course, I will be introducing new paintings as they are created!

I am looking forward to traveling on our journey of exploration together!

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Digital Downloads Available!

Digital downloadable images for all of my inspirational paintings and photos are now available in the Etsy shop: Join me in celebrating by saving 25% off all digital downloads until December 20th! Happy Holidays!

Raising the Frequency of Our Self Esteem Thoughts

Raising our self esteem thoughts up to higher frequency is essentially what our spiritual journey is about. Here’s how to achieve that higher frequency.

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Why is Self Esteem Important?

Why is self esteem important? The answer is: self esteem plays a critical role in manifesting what you desire!

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What Is Wisdom?

What is wisdom? Spiritually, it is knowing, and accepting, who we are and moving through life with compassion for others, despite what they say or do.

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Trust in the Divine

Have you been told to put your trust in the Divine (or more specifically, God)? It is one of the most important things you can do to manifest your desires!

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