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The Inspirations Blog lets you know at a glance about the additions of any sparkling new pages and the polishing up of any current pages here at Diamond Art Inspirations.

As we travel along on our journey, I’ll be passing on the incredible inspirational wisdom that has come to me, and of course, I will be introducing new paintings as they are created!

I am looking forward to traveling on our journey of exploration together!

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Art Illuminating the Spiritual-Merging with the Divine

A passion about art illuminating the spiritual leads to telling a story in the Cubist style.

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Art that Illuminates the Spiritual-Divinely Connected

Art that illuminates the spiritual is found in Mexican Modernism, where Mexican artists asked, “Who Am I?” You are invited to explore that question here!

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New Perspectives-Inspirational Thoughts Rise Naturally

Inspirational thoughts leading to new perspectives naturally bubble up when we are feeling good, when our hearts are open and free.

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What Is Wisdom?

What is wisdom? Spiritually, it is knowing, and accepting, who we are and moving through life with compassion for others, despite what they say or do.

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Shift Happens

Jackie I’m so grateful to you for providing this opportunity to travel down memory lane. Your website...artwork, photos & insights are absolutely fabulous.

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