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I am looking forward to traveling on our journey of exploration together!

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Uplifting Artwork—Life Is a Magical Adventure!

This uplifting artwork is a powerful visual representation of the game we play called the human experience!

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An Inspirational Quote Art Print-Divine on Earth

This inspirational quote art print came from a delightful idea that just popped into my head while out on a walk in nature.

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New Perspectives-Inspirational Thoughts Rise Naturally

Inspirational thoughts leading to new perspectives naturally bubble up when we are feeling good, when our hearts are open and free.

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In last week’s blog, conflict was explained by _A Course in Miracles_ as not sharing a thought system. Two other food-for-thought ideas from the text popped up at me this week:

“To have peace, teach peace to learn it.”

_A Course in Miracles_. Novato, CA, Foundation for Inner Peace, 1992, 1999, 2007. T-6.V.B.7:5.


“Peace is an attribute in you. You cannot find it outside.”

_A Course in Miracles_. Novato, CA, Foundation for Inner Peace, 1992, 1999, 2007. T-2.I.5:8-9.

Straight and to the point! If we want peace, it begins with us!

(Deep down, though, you already knew it had to be that way, didn’t you?)

Understanding Conflict

With conflicts happening around the world, from an individual level all the way up to a national level, I felt called to the pick up the classic, _A Course in Miracles_, for some understanding about conflicts and their underlying causes:

“What you must recognize is that when you do not share a thought system, you are weakening it. Those who believe in it therefore perceive this as an attack on them. This is because everyone identifies himself with his thought system, and every thought system centers on what you believe you are.”

_A Course in Miracles_. Novato, CA, Foundation for Inner Peace, 1992, 1999, 2007. T-6.V.B.1:7-9.

A clear and concise explanation, don’t you think? What if, instead of getting angry with others for thinking differently than us, we allowed, and even celebrated, the differences?

_What a Wonderful World_ (the song by Louis Armstrong) immediately popped into my head with that happy thought! (Now that I mentioned it, I’ll bet the song started playing in your head too!)

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