Life Is a Spiritual Journey of Experiencing

Life is a spiritual journey! 

From our human 3rd dimensional view, this statement may seem unbelievable.  After all, we forgot who we are and what we are capable of.  (Return to the Spiritual Ascension Process Begins with Forgetting page if you would like to review how and why we forget.)  So, many humans have allowed life, and experiences, to happen to them, not understanding the role they played in the creation of their own experiences. 

Life is a spiritual journey!

This page is about bringing to light how we have been living our life here on Earth.  To proceed with the spiritual ascension process, we must first see where we have been in order to determine how to navigate to our destination.

Do you remember from the What is Spiritual Ascension 2.0? page that we chose core consciousnesses to guide us, and we agreed to soul contracts with others, in order to have our experiences here on Earth?  (P.S. Can you think of any better support for the phrase “Life is a spiritual journey!” than understanding that we chose in advance how we would like our life on Earth to be?)

How, then, are the experiences created?

Your Higher Self Remembers and Guides You

When you incarnate, you forget that you are a whole being of consciousness inside your body.  This whole being has always been there, so you have never really been alone.  An aspect of this whole being of consciousness, your Higher Self, is also with you.  Its frequency is a bit closer to your body’s frequency than your whole being, meaning that your Higher Self is easier to access for information and guidance, if desired.  Like the whole being, your Higher Self remembers what your choices were before incarnating.  One of its roles is to set up experiences for you, according to the choices you made.  (More support for the phrase, “Life is a spiritual journey!”) 

Your Experiences Begin

Let’s say that a core consciousness you chose to experience in this lifetime is unworthiness and one of its accompanying soul contracts is with the being who incarnated as your father.

You begin to experience core consciousnesses before the age of 7.  The first incident of unworthiness that your Higher Self created may have gone something like this:  In very young children, play takes them quickly from toy to toy.  You are no different.  One day, when you were about 2, you forgot about your toy school bus, leaving it in the middle of the living room floor, when you noticed your soft, furry teddy bear sitting on a chair in the dining room.  You father then came into the living room, tripped over the school bus and fell on the coffee table, breaking the table and receiving a number of cuts and bruises in the process.  Because he was hurt and angry about falling onto the table, he yelled at you and told you how worthless you were for not picking up your toys.  Being 2 years old, you probably didn’t understand much of what he said.  However, you could certainly feel something in response to it.  What you felt, maybe anxiety or sadness or anger, would not have felt good.  Since you had forgotten who you are (a powerful being of energy), you would have not known what to do with these emotions.  

Your Experiences Repeat

As you grew, like all children you spilled things, knocked things over or generally had moments of behavior unacceptable to adults.  Having a soul contract for unworthiness with you, your father would have shown his disapproval of whatever you had done and would have likely belittled you at the same time.  Since you are now a bit older, you also began to understand his words.  So, along with the emotions that were stirred up in you, came thoughts like, “I’m not worthy of his love” or its equivalent, “I don’t deserve his love.”  Again, since you don’t remember who you are, you wouldn’t have known what to do with the emotions and thoughts roiling around inside of you.

Before incarnating we knew that, as whole beings of consciousness, we would be coming to Earth to have experiences that we would take “home” to Source.  The experiences were to be just that...experiences.  As we already knew who we are, the experiences would not define who we are.  

To “round out” our experiences we would also have accompanying emotions and thoughts.  We knew that these emotions and thoughts were designed to flow through and out of us once they were experienced, because we knew they were just energy.  The only result of each of our experiences would be a memory to carry with us when we left Earth. 

However, because we forgot we are empowered beings and we were told from our birth how to live in this 3rd dimensional world, we grasp onto the emotions and thoughts that come up from our experiences and don’t let them go.  By holding onto the emotions and thoughts and not letting them flow through, their energy gets stuck in our body.  What’s more, we begin to think that we are defined by the emotions and thoughts that we have held onto.

You Have a More Intense Experience

Let’s say that by age 6, your interests have gravitated towards art.  You spend many happy hours lost in your creations.  From a parental concern about your future, your father tries to discourage you from art, because he has never known anyone to make any money with art.  His tactic is to interest you in sports.  So, he gets you a softball glove and takes you out in the yard to play catch.

When you go out to play catch, you are apprehensive.  You now have a lot of stuck energy about unworthiness in your body after the previous experiences with your father.  In fact, after being told so often that you were clumsy, you held onto the idea and have now begun to define yourself as clumsy.  Of course, considering yourself clumsy is a kind of self-fulfilling prophesy, and you drop the ball many more times than you catch it while in the yard with your father.  True to his soul contract with you, your father expresses, or shows, his disgust at your performance.  In you, this event may produce even more intense emotions than before, like humiliation or rage, and more thoughts of unworthiness, such as, “I’m not good enough for his love.”

Storing the Energy of Experiences

Your Higher Self set up these experiences for unworthiness in order for you to feel the resulting energies of the emotions and the thoughts and then allow these energies to pass through, so that only the memory of the unworthy experiences remains. 

However, you have forgotten how it is supposed to work.  You don’t like the emotions and thoughts that come up.  (Who does?)  They don’t feel good.  You don’t want to feel them.  So, you ignore them and try to focus on something else.  Since you are refusing to acknowledge them or feel them or let them flow through you, what you are doing, in effect, is storing their energy in your body.  This is the definition of trauma.  Any and all types of traumas are stored in your body—from ones of little energy, such as your sister frowning at you for walking into her room uninvited, to ones with a lot of energy, such what you felt with your father. 

In addition to what you are currently feeling, there will be emotions and thoughts that pop up from past stored experiences, wanting to be seen and allowed to flow through.  Since they are just as uncomfortable as the current ones, you squash them back down.  And, you most definitely don’t want to feel any emotions and thoughts from new experiences. Whatever you are unwilling to feel is stored in your body.  


In order to avoid feeling uncomfortable emotions and thoughts, you begin to create behaviors.  Maybe you start yelling at someone before he begins speaking, just to keep him from saying something about your clumsiness.  In school, maybe you go to the very back corner of the class in order to avoid having anyone talk to you at all.  Or, maybe you deliberately hit your sister because you want to feel anything other than unworthiness.  There are many different behaviors that you might develop to avoid feeling uncomfortable emotions and thoughts.

We carry these behaviors into adulthood.  And, we continue to act according to the behaviors we created, because we are not aware of who we really are.

Truly, Life is a Spiritual Journey

Is there any doubt now that life is a spiritual journey?  From the examples above, we can see that life has not just happened to us.  Our life has been designed, and set up, by various aspects of our own being.

What Is Your Choice?

The material presented on this, and the preceding pages, suggests an underlying cause for the upheaval occurring in our world today.  We have forgotten who we are and what we are here to do.  We have forgotten how our experiences on Earth are supposed to work and have tangled ourselves up in the residue.  We have allowed others (parents, teachers, bosses, etc.) to direct our life.  

We have accepted all of these things…until now.  More and more humans have begun questioning why their life is as it is and have been dissatisfied with the answers, all of which “stirs the pot,” so to speak. 

The questions for you now are: Are you content with your life as it is?  Or, are you looking for answers and ready to see where your answers might lead you?

The choice is yours.


If your choice is to see where your answers might lead you, click on Remembering the Empowered Human That You Are to continue on to the final step of the spiritual ascension process.

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