Meditation Art-An Epiphany!

The idea for creating meditation art was one of those “Aha!” moments, while listening to an audio book about mindfulness.  Of course, any self-respecting book on mindfulness is going to include a section on meditation, and this one was no different.

The book went a little further than describing how to meditate, though.  It suggested that having a room with a peaceful view would promote serenity during meditation.  That made sense.  I am a nature lover, after all.

What was said next made my artist self sit up and take notice.  The book said that if you don’t have a peaceful view, consider putting up a painting or poster to promote a tranquil atmosphere.  As I digested that statement, it dawned on me how much I wanted to create art for a meditation space.  It felt almost like a calling.

You never know where keeping your eyes (or ears in this case) open will send you, do you?

Meditation Art for You

Below is the first offering of artwork for your meditation space, with more to follow:

Meditation Lifts the Fog

The inspiration for this painting didn’t come as spectacularly as described above.  It was from one of those sources you’d expect for an artist—a Landscape Painting class.  That’s fine with me.  I am happy to receive inspiration no matter where it comes from!

I was really taken with the traditional black-and-white Asian landscapes discussed in class.  They included lots of white spaces to indicate fog and clouds.  They felt very restful, as fog is restful in its purest form.

After doing a painting as a class assignment to try out the idea, the final painting was the one you see here.

Meditation Lifts the Fog

Are you wondering about the colors on the meditation cushion top?  Deciding what to put there was quite a process, let me tell you!  Either all black or all white seemed too extreme.  Gray was too bland.  Red worked ascetically, as it goes well with black and white.  However, red does not feel restful to me. 

That’s when I finally meditated on it.  (I know, the process would have been far easier, if I had meditated on it sooner!)  The answer came as a rainbow.  Of course, I thought, could anything feel more right than representing all of the chakra energy centers (by color) in a meditation space? 

After finishing the painting, the Universe conveyed even more of its infinite wisdom through my life coach.  The bright vivid colors also represent our opportunity during meditation to create clarity “out of the fog.”   Now doesn’t that blow your socks off!

If you find this artwork restful and calming, marvelous!  Please also visit the Meditation Artwork Gallery page to see my meditation space art collection or InspiredInArt, an Etsy shop where reproductions of my artwork are available for purchase.