An Inviting Meditation Space

Do you have a dedicated meditation space or do you drop down into any convenient chair?

In truth, meditation is possible anywhere, even in a busy airport.  I’m sure you’d agree, however, that a quiet, peaceful spot is far more inviting than an airport!

A peaceful meditation space outdoors

What is Meditation?

If you search online for the definition of “meditation,” the results will vary in the extreme—from a dictionary definition of “thinking deeply” to a yoga-based definition about experiencing the unity of oneness.  (If you want to dive deeper into the yoga definition, there is a good one in the online Yoga Journal.)

A definition that makes the most sense to me, with my keen interest in science, is from Dr. Joe Dispenza.  In his mind-blowing book, Becoming Supernatural, How Common People are Doing the Uncommon (Hay House, Inc., 2017), Dr. Dispenza begins by explaining how our experiences with other people, events or things generate emotions in us.  

The more intense the experience, the stronger our emotions will be.  Further, the more we think about the experience, the more fixed our emotional bond becomes to it.  Then, we go a step beyond that and draw on the emotionally charged past experience to imagine our future.  For example, feeling ashamed at the D we got on a 6th grade math test may affect our relationship to math for the rest of our lives, simply because we keep thinking about that one event over and over.

According to Dr. Dispenza, the purpose of meditation is to bring our mind into the present moment in order to release the energy bound up between our emotions and our experiences.  In meditation, each time we are aware that our mind strays, and it will, bringing it back to the present moment takes our focus off thoughts of the past or of the imagined future.  In the present moment, no one or no thing has our attention, or our energy.  The previously bound-up energy is now available to create the life that we want.

If this very brief summary intrigues you, I urge you to read Dr. Dispenza’s book.  No one explains it better!

Focusing on the Meditation Space

As my mission is inspiration, I will leave the meditation “how-tos” to the gurus like Dr. Dispenza and concentrate on what should go into the place where you meditate. 

A peaceful meditation space indoors

What should your meditation space do for you?  It should encourage you to become present by promoting: Comfort for your physical body, minimal distractions for your mind, a quieting of your emotions and an open soul.  

How do you achieve all of that?  As much as I would love to describe the perfect meditation space, what I describe may not be the perfect space for you.  What promotes peace and openness in one person does not necessarily do the same for another.  For example, although incense may heighten your awareness during meditation, it may only make your friend sneeze!

Which of the meditation space tools listed below do you gravitate towards?  It means your inner voice is guiding you towards the items that will promote the healthiest meditation environment for you.  Follow it!  That is the best guidance you will ever have!  Happy exploring!

Mediation Space Tools

  • Meditation aids: Bells, candles, incense, music
  • Meditation furniture: Cushions, benches
  • Meditation garden: Creating a delightful place to meditate outdoors

Meditation Space Art

My gift to you is to provide art for your meditation space that is soothing for the emotions and calming for your whole being.  Clicking on the title of the artwork below will take you to the Meditation Art page, where you will read about what first inspired me to create meditation art and what moved me to create the individual piece of artwork.  Or, click on Meditation Artwork Gallery to see my meditation space art collection.  

Meditation Lifts the Fog

Meditation Lifts the Fog

Imagine sitting on your meditation cushion looking out over a peaceful valley filled with fog and knowing that clarity of mind is right around the corner. 

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