The Most Inspirational People-My Story

A discussion of the most inspirational people in anyone’s life must first begin with what is meant by “inspirational.”  Many athletes attribute their great success to their coaches.  At award ceremonies, actors or other celebrities thank all of the people who supported them in accomplishing their goals.  This kind of inspiration is marvelous and has its place in our society.  It is not the definition of “inspirational” that you will find here.

The most inspirational people light up the world!

My story is about the people who inspired me to explore who I am and to discover my own brilliance.  My desire is that what you read here will show you that, even if it may seem insignificant at the time, something that someone says or does may inspire you to explore who you are and discover your brilliance too.

If you already feel moved to share a story about one of the most inspirational people in your life, someone who encouraged you to start your journey of discovery or motivated you to move on, the Share Your Motivational Story page is ready and waiting for you!

The Greatest Teachers

Some of the most inspirational people who have come into my life certainly did not intend to be inspirational.  You probably have some of them in your life too.  Whether you believe it or not, they may be your “greatest teachers,” as they were for me.  For many years, I blamed these people for the problems in my life, until it struck me that what they taught me was utterly priceless!  After all, isn’t knowing what doesn’t work, or isn’t right, for you as precious as what is absolutely perfect for you?  Through these greatest teachers, I discovered what is right for me.

To see how they inspired me, without intending to do so, click on My Greatest Teachers.  An entire page is devoted to them.

The Pointing Guides

The pointing guides are quiet, but powerful, gifts who send you in the right direction.

Many of the most inspirational people in my life were guides who pointed me in the right direction at the right moment.  There was the friend I met through a business opportunity, who delivered a well-deserved shove when I had stalled out at one point on my journey of discovery.  He loved to talk about spiritual things.  From him, I learned that it was OK to contemplate deep spiritual questions, like “Who am I?” even though society frowns on these kinds of questions.

Then there was the friend I met at a job, who really liked to talk about things that were “way out there” in regard to believability—things like how there were energies in her house that moved things around!  From her, I learned it that it was OK to question what makes up the Universe and how I fit into it.

After many restless years of wandering around the US, I arrived in Raleigh and met the next most inspirational person—an acupuncturist, who is first and foremost an incredible Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  His ad was in a magazine that I had picked up to read while in the waiting room of a traditional medical doctor’s office. 

The ad really caught my attention, because someone had told me the week before that acupuncture is good for keeping your system balanced, even if you have no health issues.  (Did you notice that there was another pointing guide involved here?) 

The realization dawned, after a few appointments, that acupuncture treatments also included a discussion of the spiritual side of health.  This allowed me to open up even more to spiritual ideas.

One day, after some time as his patient, he said, “I think you might benefit from seeing a life coach.”  Since the term was unfamiliar, I asked him to explain it.  I do not remember exactly what he said, but my thought was that a life coach was a therapist on spiritual steroids and just what I needed!  I called the person he recommended and talked to her the very next day.  We met for the first time on Valentine’s Day.  A fitting day, don’t you think?

One of the Most Inspirational People in My Life is a Star Mate

What can I say about the person who has been, and is, the most inspirational person in my life?

Although on a journey of self-discovery for many years by the time I met my life coach, I was floundering.  Even after reading countless books and meeting many inspirational people, I still felt I did not know “me.” 

The Universe, of course, has perfect timing.  My life coach came into my life at the exactly the point where I was absolutely open and ready to receive the guidance she had to offer.

On the practical level, she is a Personal and Executive Coach in that she coaches you through all the facets of life, including career. 

On a deeper level, her most powerful gift is her Un-Therapy.  What is Un-Therapy?  It is the unlearning of conditioned thoughts developed in everyday life (much of which are not empowering) and the creating of new thought pathways that are empowering and most definitely life-changing.  

Along the way, the delightful realization came that we were star mates.  What is a star mate?  As close as the bond is between soul mates, a star mate bond goes beyond it.  Star mates are connected on a deep spiritual level, are in tune with each other and know their time together on earth is a joint venture.  This website is an example of that joint venture!  Upon request, she has provided wise and loving guidance on quite a few parts of this creation! 

With a full, full heart, I say thank you to the Universe for guiding me to her.  And, to think that it all came about by reading an ad in a magazine…

Sometimes the greatest gift the Universe gives you comes from the simplest and quietest source.

Finding a Life Coach

The right life coach may become one of the most inspirational people in your life too.  Go to the Life Coach page for a guide on finding the right match for you.

Who are the Most Inspirational People in Your Life?

If what you read here sparked thoughts of someone who inspired you on your own soul journey, fantastic!  Tell us about this most inspirational person on the Share Your Motivational Story page! 

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