Motivational Art-Following My Heart

The idea for this piece of motivational art came from thinking about the phrase, “Follow your heart.”  I love the phrase and knew I needed to visualize it.  

What came to me was to portray your heart leading you unerringly through a dense tropical jungle.  I was thinking of all of those old movies where they hacked their way through the jungle.  Do you remember them?   However, including a machete in an inspirational painting did not feel right.  So, I opted for a hand physically pushing aside vegetation in order to follow your heart.

That would not be all, though.  Once you conquered the jungle, there was still the spiritual path to travel in order to reach your heart’s desire.  As you can see, the painting didn’t quite end up as originally planned!

Oh My, the Jungle

Why?  The tropical jungle.  In the early stages, I made good progress in painting the wolf and the fairy castle at the top, some green mountains in the middle and the hiking shoe at the very bottom.  (Boy, do I still love the way the shoe came out, too!)  Then, I got hung up on what to do for the tropical jungle.  There was just a big empty patch in the foreground of the painting for quite a while, in fact.

Then, one day I had an appointment with a modern-day shaman.  After the incredible session I had with him, I mentioned that I was a bit stalled on my painting and showed him a picture of it with that great big empty space.  He looked at it for a minute and said, “Why not make the foreground a mountain top looking down over a valley.”

My Eureka Moment

Little bells went off in my head.  That was it!  That was exactly how the painting should be!  He had essentially reminded me to consider alternatives.  Afterwards, I was able to open up to other ideas flowing into my mind (from the Universe) for the painting.   

I am blown away by how the Universe works.  I needed assistance and the Universe delivered, although from a surprising source.  You don’t normally go to a shaman to fix a painting now, do you?  It just goes to show that inspiration may come when, and from where, you least expect it.  It certainly inspires me to stay open as much as possible!  Who knows what other motivational art ideas might pop into my head in the future!

Following My Heart

 If you are inspired by this artwork, wonderful!  Please visit the Inspirational Artwork Gallery page to see more inspirational art or InspiredInArt, an Etsy shop where reproductions of my artwork are available for purchase in digital download, framed print and canvas print options.

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