A Motivational Print-Keeping My Eye on the Prize-Climb

The idea for this motivational print came from pondering the phrase, “Keep your eye on the prize.”   To me, it is an encouraging phrase with such an upbeat kind of energy.  As hiking is one of my passions, of course this work had to include a hiking trail up a mountain!

After a few rough sketches, I painted draft #1.  (Did you notice "draft #1?"  In the end, there were quite a few drafts before I was satisfied enough for a final painting!)  The idea for a tent in the foreground was formed by this first draft, as well as a rough idea of some scenery in the background.  The mountain was another matter.  The general shape of it was painted, although I was wracking my brain over the details. 

I See a Wolf

It was about this time that I showed the draft to my sister.  After the wonderful sisterly praises of it, she said, “I see a wolf in the mountain.”  I turned it around and stared at it.  I didn’t see the wolf.  I have kept the draft.  I still don’t see the wolf.

It doesn’t matter.  I bless my sister for saying what she did.  She inspired a grand idea.  I am sure you are aware that “wolf” symbolizes spirit.  A wolf in the mountain was exactly what I needed to put into the painting.  I feel there is no better symbol to use in my work to inspire you on your soul journey.  As the wolf symbol inspires me too, I have included it in a number of my pieces. 

The Gift

To me, the moral of this story is to be open to receiving inspiration…from anywhere, anytime, anyhow.  In this instance, it came from a family member, which is not so unusual.  What strikes me as such a gift is that it wasn’t even a glimmer of an idea in the back of my mind before my sister pointed it out to me.   I didn’t even see what she saw!  I still can’t see it!  What her simple statement did, though, was open my heart to tremendous possibilities.

Keeping My Eye on the Prize-Climb

P.S.  In case you are wondering about the -Climb part of the title, a couple of other ideas are swirling around in my brain for paintings with the “Keep your eye on the prize” theme.  So, look for a motivational print or two with this theme to come in the future! 

 If you are inspired by this artwork, wonderful!  Please visit the Inspirational Artwork Gallery page to see more inspirational art or InspiredInArt, an Etsy shop where reproductions of my artwork are available for purchase in digital download, framed print and canvas print options.

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