What’s Your Motivational Story?

Do you have a favorite motivational story?  We humans are social beings and have the ability to inspire one another.  As the purpose of this website is to provide inspirations for everyone’s soul journey, please "pay if forward" by sharing a motivational story to inspire the rest of us! 

Has someone given you a helping hand?  Share your motivational story!

Your motivational story may be...

About how someone set you off on your soul journey by opening your eyes to the idea there is something more to this physical world than is experienced with the five senses. 

Or, about someone who shared a spiritual principle that spoke to your heart, and you finally understood your purpose in life. 

Or, how you were stalled on your journey, and someone said something that was just what you needed to inspire you to move on.  

(If you would like more examples, click on Most Inspirational People-My Story to see how others motivated me!)

What’s your favorite motivational story?   We'd love to hear it!

Share Your Treasured Motivational Story Here!

Is there someone who inspired you to explore who you are and to discover the hidden gems inside you? Share the story of how they motivated you!

Amazing Motivational Stories from Others

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