Nature Inspires

Nature inspires in ways that are unique to each one of us. 

For example, it inspires my art.  An unusual rock formation seen on a hike sparks an idea that will go into a painting.  And, you may be sure that at least one of the incredible sunrises from my dawn walks on the beach will find its way into a painting somehow!

Nature inspires us in various ways!

How does nature move you?

If there is a place that is inspirational to you and you feel moved to share photos of that wonderful place right now, please feel free to go directly to the Share Your Inspirational Nature Photos page!

The Value of Being Present

While nature may not inspire you to create art, its true power is inspiring you to be present.  What is being present?

Have you ever paid attention to your thoughts?  Chances are, they are most often repeating to yourself what happened to you in the past or imagining what might happen to you in the future. 

Thoughts of the past (what we have learned) and thoughts of the future (preparing for what may come) are an integral part of human history and a key to our survival.  For hunter-gatherers, survival depended on learning what was dangerous so that it could be avoided in the future.

Today, most of us are no longer hunter-gatherers, yet the majority of our thoughts are still on the past or on the future.  In other words, we are still in survival mode and on alert for most of our waking hours.  Being constantly on alert takes a toll on our bodies.  Our bodies cannot go back to equilibrium, their natural state and where healing and repair occur, until the danger is past. 

Nature Inspires us to Be Present

Being present happens when you are focused on an activity, such as doing something you love.  You are absorbed in it, and time flies by.  You are not thinking about the past or the future because you are concentrating on the activity.  

Enter incredible nature.  Nature inspires anyone, who is open to it, to become present.  When we are out in nature and consciously observing it, our thoughts are focused on it.  We are not thinking about the fight we had with our spouse yesterday (the past) or the report that is due tomorrow (the future).  Our thoughts are in the here and now.  We are being present, which means our bodies are allowed to return to equilibrium.

For me, getting out in nature is one of the easiest, and most pleasurable, ways of becoming present.  I am fascinated by how sunlight falls on trees and their leaves, creating shadows on whatever is behind them.  The sound of a woodpecker drumming off in the distant woods is delightful.  Squirrels and their antics are highly amusing.  I could go on and on.  

Discovering what focuses your attention when out in nature will be how nature inspires you to become present.

Inspiring Nature Photos

There are times when getting out in nature doesn’t fit into a busy schedule.  Nature photos are an excellent alternative for becoming present.  

Below is a favorite photo that brings me right into the present.  Fascination with the insect and its perfect shadow on the flower petal means that there is no room in my brain for any other thoughts.  That’s a good description of being present, wouldn’t you agree?   

Insect and Shadow

Insect and Shadow

Share your photos about a beloved place in nature and why it is so inspirational to you on the Share Your Inspirational Nature Photos page!

Visit the Photos of Nature page to view more captivating nature photos.  Some photos are on an intimate scale; some are on a grand scale.  See if you are inspired to be present in the same way as described!   Or, click on Inspiring Nature Photos Gallery to view a collection of uplifting nature photos.

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