Quantum Physics and Spirituality

In recent times, we have come to understand that quantum physics and spirituality, the realms of the soul outside of what we perceive with our 5 senses, are intricately intertwined in our world.  How do we know of the existence of outside realms?  Scientists have shown us!  

Quantum physics and spirituality are intertwined

Writing about the connection between quantum physics and spirituality is a bit daunting!  How could I not pay it forward, though, when quantum physics has been the key to my understanding of spiritual principles?  If you feel more comfortable with scientific “proof” that there is more to our world than what we see, hear, smell, taste or touch, then this page is for you!

What Mystics Have Told Us

When we perceive the world through our 5 senses, we think that we are separate from one another and everything else in our environment.  Through human history, mystics and wise teachers have taught us that we are not separate beings.  We are all connected.  Even more, they have taught that each of us creates the experiences that have come into our life.

Some people have understood the messages and have incorporated the teachings into their lives.  Most of us, though, have just shaken our heads in incomprehension and gone on with our day-to-day lives, hoping for something better.

My sense is that what we are collectively experiencing now in our world is providing a brilliant opportunity for us to lean back into the teachings.  What do you think?

The Beginnings of Spiritual Inquiry

There has always been scientific inquiry into how our everyday world works.  By the late 1800's, though, the time was ripe for delving into topics beyond the everyday world.  Up to that time, there had been numerous discoveries about various phenomena that could not be perceived with the everyday senses, such as electromagnetic energy.  With these discoveries, came questions about what these phenomena moved through and/or where they existed.  The accepted theory was that there was an invisible substance, called ether, that contained these phenomena.

Of course, scientists wanted to determine if this ether really existed.  In a famous experiment done in 1887, Michaelson and Morley failed to prove the existence of ether.  However, in 1986, E.W. Silvertooth performed the experiment again, with more sophisticated equipment, and finally proved that an invisible field of energy does exist, although it is no longer called the ether.  It is now called the Divine Matrix, the Quantum Field or just the Field.  

Let’s Talk About Atoms

Even though the concept of an atom was proposed by Democritus, a Greek philosopher, in 450 B.C.E., it was given no thought otherwise until about 1800, when John Dalton found evidence for atoms.  Much research was done on atoms after that time, although the inherent nature of atoms wasn’t the focus until the late 1800's.

One of the major discoveries from this vast amount of research on atoms was that only about 4% of every atom is made up of matter.  Did you notice I said every atom?  Everything in the universe, whether it is the stars, the earth, plants, animals or human beings, is about 4% matter.  What does science recognize now as making up the remaining 96% of our atoms?  The Divine Matrix!

Is It a Particle or a Wave?

In his 1905 research paper, Einstein proposed that light was a quantum of energy (Latin for “amount” and now called a photon), as opposed to the belief at the time that light was a wave.  In the Double Slit experiment, performed a number of times by various scientists, photons of light were sent as waves against a barrier with 2 slits.  When the photons passed through the 2 slits and hit the plate behind, the photons acted like waves if not observed and acted like particles if observed

The question was then asked, if light has duality as a wave and a particle, then does matter?  It turns out that the answer is yes!  Erwin Schrodinger’s equation, developed in the 1920's, describes particles as waves and provides a foundation for quantum physics. 

Why does the wave/particle question matter to the connection between quantum physics and spirituality?  Stay with me!  Just a couple more things before it’s all pulled together…

The Big Bang Affects the Story

The Big Bang is part of the story of  quantum physics and spirituality

The Big Bang is the accepted theory of how the Universe came into being.  This theory is based on different pieces of evidence, such as the discovery that the universe continues to expand.  (Click on Space.com-Big Bang for an easy-to-read article describing the current evidence.)

If the universe is expanding, then conversely, it means that the universe was concentrated into a very small point in the past.  In other words, the 4% matter in atoms today (mentioned above) came from one point at the beginning of time.  You have to agree that everything in the universe concentrated down into one tiny point would have be connected!

After 13.7 billion years of universal expansion, is there still a connection?  Yes!  In Switzerland in 1997, Nicholas Gisin performed what is now called the Twin Photon Experiment.  In the experiment, a photon (the basic quantum unit of light) was split into 2 identical parts.  The 2 parts were sent in different directions until they were 14 miles apart.  When one of the parts was “tickled,” the other part reacted in the same way as the one that had been tickled, with no time delay in its reaction.  In other words, the 2 parts were still connected, or entangled (in current terminology).

The Field of Possibilities

Let’s lean into atoms again for a bit...

One of the things that scientists struggled with in experiments was the wave (or energy) nature of electrons.  Electrons only “appear” as particles when observed.  Otherwise, they exist as a wave that cannot be seen.  Let me say it another way.  Unless observed, electrons exist somewhere else.  Since scientists don’t know where the electrons are, scientists cannot predict with certainty when or where the electrons will appear as particles.  They can only calculate probabilities.  We could say, then, that electrons exist in a field of possibilities until they appear as particles.

Electrons are not the only particles that exist as a wave.  It has been found that the entire atom behaves in the same manner.  Our bodies are pulsing with energy in and out of visibility from the field of possibilities.  It happens so quickly that our brains pull it together, and we experience our bodies it as solid matter.

Finally, the Connection between Quantum Physics and Spirituality

Now, let’s connect quantum physics and spirituality together to support what the mystics and wise teachers have always told us. 

Are we all connected?  Yes!  The 4% matter that makes us up is still as connected as it was at the beginning of time.  Further, the Divine Matrix (that we don’t see) fills the spaces within the atoms of our body and around every single one of us.  If electromagnetic energy moves through the Divine Matrix, doesn’t it make sense that atoms, when in the wave (or energy) form, also exist in the Divine Matrix?  How, then, are “things” separable when in an energy form?

How do we create experiences in our lives?  Atoms exist as waves (or energy in a field of possibilities) when we don’t see them and pop into existence with observation.  Think of the experiences of your life as atoms, existing as possibilities until you call the experiences into existence.  Now, doesn’t that sound like the creation process?

If these thoughts on quantum physics and spirituality have inspired your curiosity about calling experiences into existence, check out the Law of Attraction page!

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