Raising the Frequency of Our Self Esteem Thoughts 

I believe that raising our self esteem thoughts up to a higher (or more positive) frequency is essentially what our spiritual journey is about.  It does not mean that we are always “up.”  It does mean that when we experience lower emotions, such as anger, frustration or envy, we feel the emotions and then allow them to move through, and out of, our system.

In this letting go of our emotions, we learn about ourselves and come to know and trust our inner power, or our Divine Truth. (Artwork on this very topic may be found on the My Cloak of Stars page!)  Doesn’t this sound like a more joyful way to move through the world?  If you are ready to know your inner power, you’ll find ideas on this page for achieving it.

Raising the Frequency of our Self Esteem Thoughts

We are Divine

To know our inner power is to know that we are Divine.  We are lovingly reminded over and over by beings from other dimensions that we are Divine.  The THEO group, who partners with the channel Sheila Gillette, is one such group of beings mentioned on the Why is Self Esteem Important? page.  Archangel Metatron, who partners with Joan Walker, is another.  You will find an inspiring audio message from Archangel Metatron reminding you of your Divinity on Joan Walker’s website.  The THEO group and Archangel Metatron are two beings that the Universe has sent my way.  You may be guided to others, if you are open.

Raising the frequency of our self esteem thoughts comes about by recognizing and accepting that we are Divine beings.  Once we accept ourselves as Divine, we are able to look at our fears with wisdom (or, without emotion) rather than suffering under their intense grip.

First, We Mine for Buried, Trapped Emotions

Many methods have been taught on how to raise the frequency of our self esteem thoughts. 

Buddhist and Hindu teachings tell us to just let go of our negative self esteem thoughts and emotions.  Here is what Ram Dass’ teacher told him (paraphrased): Don’t work on your emotions.  Just give them up.  Working on them gives them substance. 

If you have a Gaia.com membership, Belinda Womack, who partners with the 12 Archangels, guided a meditation on Gaia.com Open Minds in season 8, episode 15 on bringing fears out from the subconscious, forgiving yourself for having them and asking the Archangels to burn them. 

This is an excellent method for raising our frequencies, if you are open to the method.  If not, read on!  

Most other methods begin by urging us to go deep within to find the things that upset us.  Often times we don’t know why we get angry or sad or frustrated.  Generally, the causes are trapped emotions from the past buried deeply within our subconscious.  So, digging them out is our first task.  Be forewarned that this task will require a willingness to honestly look at parts of yourself that you may not have been willing to look at in the past. (I promise that the work will be worth it, though!) 

Meditation is a valuable tool in this mining operation.  During your meditation, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from your guides in showing you what emotions are buried. 

Another method is to brainstorm, by yourself or with a close friend, situations that have caused you emotional stress.  What kinds of emotions did these situations produce?  What thoughts are attached to those emotions?  For example, you are upset with your spouse, and out of the blue, you find that you have angry thoughts about your father.

Of course, don’t forget to write down what comes up for you so that these thoughts and emotions don’t slip back into hiding!

I’ve Written Them Down, Now What?

Now that you have them written down, what’s next?  Put simply, it is to break the old negative emotions-negative thoughts-negative emotions loop.  So much of our energy is tied up in the loop.  Getting our energy back out of the loop is the goal.  The methods for doing this are as varied as there are wonderful people out there with the desire to assist you.  You may find one method that is perfect for you.  Or, you may find that a combination of several methods works best.  Here are a few of the methods that that have come my way:

Byron Katie has some excellent worksheets, especially in dealing with emotions and negative thoughts about relationships.  The power in these worksheets is asking yourself questions, such as: are your thoughts about a situation true, how do you react when you think these thoughts and who would you be without these thoughts.  The questions help break the stranglehold these thoughts have on us. 

The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson (St. Martin’s Press, 2019) provides a method for releasing trapped emotions from your body.  Using one of the many muscle tests (an alternative medical practice) described in the book, you ask the body if there are trapped emotions to be released.  If yes, there are a series of additional questions to “drill down” through to get to the emotion or negative thought that the body is ready to release.  Muscle testing may be used on yourself or to help another person.  I have had success with this method.  The key is to remain open.

My doctor, who is a gifted healer, recommended 2 systems for breaking the emotions-thoughts-emotions loop:  The Gupta Program and DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining System). The focus of these programs is to retrain your brain towards more healthy thought patterns.  I encourage you to check out these programs to see which one resonates for you.  

If you have read other pages of this website, you will see that Dr. Joe Dispenza and his book Becoming Supernatural, How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon (Hay House, Inc., 2017), has been referenced a number of times.  The reason is that, in my opinion, he explains the science behind our thought patterns exceptionally well.  The book is essentially about raising our self esteem thoughts out of 3-dimensional cause and effect thinking into quantum thinking, where anything is possible.  For practice in raising your thoughts to the quantum thinking level, there are a number of meditations described in the book.  You may also find the guided meditations on Dr. Joe Dispenza's website helpful.  If you have a Live Access Gaia.com membership, his Live Access: Becoming Supernatural series is superb in both content and guided meditations.

Some Final Thoughts about Raising the Frequency of Our Self Esteem Thoughts

To manifest what we desire in our life, as opposed to just living with what happens to us, it is vital to raise the energy frequency of our self esteem thoughts to the higher energy level of our desire.  This allows a match (or attraction) in energy frequencies between ourselves and our desire, which allows the drawing of our desire to us.  

Sending you loving thoughts for all that you desire in your life!