The Spiritual Ascension Process Begins with Forgetting

The spiritual ascension process begins by our forgetting who we are when we incarnate, as strange as it may seem to us from our 3rd dimensional human viewpoint. 

Before entering the human body, we were fully aware of ourselves as a whole consciousness.  We remembered all of the experiences we had in other lives.  And, we were fully aware of the core consciousnesses that we chose to experience in this life, as well as all of the other choices we made before incarnating.  (Return to What Is Spiritual Ascension 2.0? if you would like to review the choice making process.)

The spiritual ascension process begins with our forgetting who we are.

It begs the question, “Wouldn’t it be easier to navigate our world, if we had all of that knowledge at our fingertips?”  It’s very likely it would.  And, would we really need to go through a spiritual ascension process, if we already knew we were sovereign beings participating in a game called the human experience?  Definitely not.

On the other hand, if we remembered, would we really have the full, power-packed experiences to bring home to Source that Source longs to experience through us?  I believe we would have say no. 

So, it seems that forgetting is actually important in the spiritual ascension process.  Therein lies the rub for us…

You Meet Your Human Body and Forget

The forgetting occurs when you, as a whole being of consciousness and an aspect of Source, entered your baby human body.  It is dark in there.  You feel the density (or heaviness) of the body and the world around you.  The density is so much greater than the density of you as a being of energy that, from the weight of it, you literally forget who you really are.  Lorie Ladd described this forgetting as, “Lights Out.”  (This phrase actually produced a visceral experience for me during the meditation where the concept was presented.  I could actually feel the sudden drop into darkness and heaviness.  Whew, it quite took my breath away!)

Forgetting does not mean that you (the whole being of consciousness that you are) have disappeared.  You are still in there.  You are just no longer aware of who you are inside the body.  What do you do when you are not aware of anything inside?  Naturally, you turn your attention to the external world around you!

The Grand Adventure Begins

What is in your external world?  Parents, to begin with.  As you grow, your parents pass on to you what they learned in this 3rd dimensional world about what is good and what is bad.  In other words, they taught you how to live in the 3rd dimensional society you found yourself in, whether or not you liked it and whether or not it made sense to you. Hitting your sister is not acceptable.  Eating vegetables is good for you, even if you don’t like them.  And, of course, they taught you that their word was law.  You had very little say in the matter.

You may have also found yourself in church (or any other place of worship), where you were told what was correct to believe about the realm you came from.  Of course, since you don’t remember where you actually came from, you most likely accepted what you were told.  (To me, this seems like the ultimate example of forgetting, the first step on the spiritual ascension process!) 

Soon, you went to school and the educational system expanded on what you learned from your parents.  You had more people telling you what is good and what is bad and how to behave in the society you were part of.  You were inundated with more laws, further driving home the point that anyone external to you knew more of what was best for you than whatever you might think.

Once you grew up and graduated from school, there were other systems that came into your life telling you what was right and what was wrong, i.e., what was acceptable in the system you found yourself in.  Not complying with laws in these systems could lead to a serious “or else.”  In the business system, not following the rules could lead to the loss of your livelihood.  In the government system, not paying your taxes could lead to going to jail.  Look around and you will mostly likely discover other systems that want to tell you how to live your life.

Experiences In the Spiritual Ascension Process

As our purpose for coming to Earth was to have experiences, experiences are what we have here, even when we don’t remember that we had a choice in the matter beforehand and that we have the knowing on how to respond to the experiences.  By forgetting, we don’t know where our life, and our experiences, may take us.

Click on the Life Is a Spiritual Journey of Experiencing to continue to the second step of the spiritual ascension process.

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