Trust in the Divine

How many times have you been told to put your trust in the Divine (or more specifically, God)?  Do you follow this advice?  Many consider it simply as a religious lesson more than anything else.  What if I told you it’s a vital part of the creation process for manifesting your desires?  Surprised?  Learn how below.

Trusting in the Divine is a vital part of the creation process!

An Established Wisdom

If you are Christian or Jewish, you may have heard of Proverbs 3:5-6.  Here’s the King James Bible version of them:

5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

If you understand these Proverbs and already apply them, congratulations!  By putting your trust in the Divine, you have mastered an integral part of the creation process for manifesting what you desire.  (Click on the The Universal Law of Attraction to read more about the creation process.) 

If these Proverbs about putting trust in the Divine do not make sense to you, you are not alone!  Understanding the wisdom in these Proverbs did not come to me until I had been on a spiritual journey for quite a while, and even then, not until after this website had been up for months!  Here’s how it happened…

An Aha! Moment

As children, we all suffer disappointments.   For example, parents promising to attend our ball game, or our concert, and then missing it because of work.  I suffered the same disappointments as any other child.  What I did, though, was translate the disappointment after disappointment into distrust of the person who caused the disappointment.

“Keeping your word” became very important to me.  Was it something already ingrained in my psyche?  Was it the result of distrusting those people who had disappointed me?  Or, a combination of these?  I don’t know.  I do know that my ability to trust became based on people keeping their word.

Do others promise to meet you, or to do something for you, and then don’t show up?  This happened to me time after time as an adult.  What was the result?  Reinforcement of the disappointment in others and that they couldn’t be trusted.  When something happens to you frequently, do you ever ask yourself why it keeps happening and what are you being invited to learn?  Well, I didn’t think to ask why about this particular subject…until…I had begun my business and was preparing to exhibit artwork at an event.  

For a business selling prints, having prints to share at an event is vital.  Just before one event, I learned that my printer was involved in another project and had little time available, leaving me wondering if there would be enough prints for the event.  This was after I had given ample notice of what was needed out of respect for both myself and the printer.

At the same time, I had asked a friend to support me during the event, and that friend had initially agreed.  A couple of days later, I received an email from that friend saying that it wasn’t going to work.

After many years of being on a spiritual journey, I still sank down into those old thought patterns of feeling let down, again.

Feeling sorry for myself a few days before the event, I had one of those Aha! moments.  A spiritual teaching flashed through my mind, which led me to fully understand the meaning of placing your trust in the Divine.

So, What Does It Mean to Trust in the Divine? 

The spiritual teaching that had come to me was: You call up the same situation for yourself over and over until you learn what you need to learn.  What did I need to learn?  

Trust has nothing to do with what is external to, or outside of, us.  People we come in contact with and situations that arise are the result of the Divine fulfilling our “order.”  My thoughts, or my “order,” had been about how disappointed I was in others and how much I distrusted them, an underlying belief system I had held onto for years. So, naturally the Divine gave me what my thoughts were all about: More people and situations for me to feel disappointment and lack of trust about!!!  The people were the vehicle of how my order was fulfilled!

Where, then, does putting our trust in the Divine come into the story?  Let’s return to the creation process.  (For a more in depth description of the process, click on The Universal Law of Attraction.)  We begin the creation process with the Law of Attraction through thoughts of our desires.  With the Law of Deliberate Creation, we give those thoughts power by adding intense emotions.  (See how our self esteem thoughts affect our emotions on the Why Is Self Esteem Important? page.)   For our desire to truly manifest, the Law of Allowing says that we must allow the Divine to determine how and when our creation comes to us.  In other words, we must release control of the how and when.  Doesn’t this sound like another way of saying that it is vital to place our trust in the Divine?  It most certainly does to me!!!

A Powerful Example of Trusting in the Divine

Mother Teresa has to be one of the most compelling examples of trusting in the Divine that you will ever see.  

While reading a book about her, I was struck by her absolute faith, her complete trust in the Divine.  She had been living in India as a Catholic nun of the Loreto order for many years before receiving another calling to serve the “poorest of the poor.”  With the calling also came the understanding that she was to live in poverty herself, like the poor she was to serve.

When she finally received permission to proceed with her new calling, she left her order alone, with no money, no place to sleep and no support.  Although she may have begun alone and with nothing, so complete was her trust in the Divine that whatever she needed came to her—sisters to work with her, a house for them to live in, and food.

What resulted from Mother Teresa’s complete trust in the Divine?  Her Missionaries of Charity is now a worldwide organization of over 5,000 sisters and brothers serving the poor, despite the fact that they live in poverty themselves. Mother Teresa is a truly powerful model of what is possible in our life, if we are able to let go and trust. 

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