Uplifting Artwork—Life Is a Magical Adventure!

This piece of uplifting artwork evolved from a title that just came to me—Life Is a Magical Adventure!  It’s unusual for me to begin with a title.  Being a visual person, visual concepts generally present themselves long before the title does.

Oh, My!  What To Include?

Creating from a title, while very appealing to an artist, is also a bit daunting.  How do you choose what visual elements to include when there is an infinite number of possibilities?  Where do you begin?

For this uplifting work, I decided to begin by breaking down the title into two parts: What represents life as an adventure?  What represents the magical?  The second question was a bit easier to answer.  There are many creatures that represent the magical, such as fairies, elves and gnomes.  My original sketches included some of these creatures.  In the end, the magical creatures were limited to the ones at the top of my list—dragons and unicorns.

How then would life be represented as an adventure?  In general, this was simple question to answer.  As my favorite form of exercise is hiking, representing life as a journey through a landscape resonated the most. 

After that, though, choosing the visual elements from an infinite number of possibilities was a journey in itself.  It was quite a zigzag path, let me tell you! 

Life Is a Board Game

I was taking art classes while working on this painting, and sometime after the second sketch and the first draft of the painting (and there were many sketches and drafts!), I expressed my dissatisfaction in class over the results so far. 

In the very same class came the most fantastic inspiration!   During the lecture, slides were shown of paintings where artists bent or stretched the landscapes.  That started me thinking…Would changing the shape of the landscape get me through the murky swamp I seemed to have found myself in?  While trying out the ideas presented in class, an idea came right out of the blue.  What if life was represented as a board game?  It was such an intriguing idea that the board game became the major element of the painting.

From that point, there were still many twists and turns in the journey of creation.  However, it became clear that both the paths and the objects, or “mountains,” on the game board would be representations of choices in life.  

The paths are how we navigate our world.  In life, we make a choice of what path, or direction, to take and then see where our choice takes us.

The “mountains” represent our experiences in life.  Do we climb the “mountains?”  Do we sit and look at them?  Or, do we ignore them?  How we choose to relate to the experiences in our life is as much of a choice as what path we decide to take.  For instance, do you see the well as a well of despair or a wishing well of hope?  Do you see an experience in your life as a situation that is wrong and must be fixed or as a gift from Source?  Whether we believe it or not, know it or not, understand it or not, choices shape our life. 

Life Is a Magical Adventure!


In the midst of working on Life Is a Magical Adventure! I attended Lorie Ladd’s informative and outstanding Reset 2022 program.  I was astonished, and delighted, to hear life described as our participation in a game called the human experience!  Talk about synchronicity!  (If you would like to know more about the Reset 2022 program, you will find a summary of it beginning on the What Is Spiritual Ascension 2.0? page.)

I invite you to consider this uplifting artwork as a powerful visual representation of your participation in the game called the human experience!  Now, roll the dice to see what your next move will be! 

If you are inspired by this artwork, wonderful!  Please visit the Inspirational Artwork Gallery page to see more inspirational art or InspiredInArt, an Etsy shop where digital downloads of this artwork are available for purchase.

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