What is a Life Coach?

“What is a life coach?” is the question that brought you here and is exactly the same question I asked when one of the most inspirational people in my life suggested I see one.   I have to say that I didn’t really understand his explanation.  However, I understood enough to know that seeing a life coach was exactly what I needed at that moment in my life! 

Life coaches come in many different packages.  How, then, do you answer the question “What is a life coach?”  It is answered by asking who the life coach is being (i.e., the role he or she plays in the evolution of your whole being), as much as what skills the life coach possesses.

A life coach’s primary purpose is to guide you towards making more informed lifestyle choices.   

A life coach will guide you towards new lifestyle choices

These lifestyle choices may be anything from finding new and more purposeful work to having more loving relationships to being more spiritually aware.  What are the desires of your heart?

Whatever your desires, your life coach will become your thought and heart partner.  After all, he or she will be guiding you to retrain your brain to be present in the moment and to listen to your heart.

Your life coach will become your thought and heart partner

What’s the value in listening to your heart?  Your heart knows far more about you, and what’s best for you, than anyone on this planet.

When we’ve moved beyond rehashing thoughts of the past or worrying about the future, the stillness found in the present moment allows us to hear our heart whispering its loving wisdom.  How brilliant would your lifestyle be if you followed your heart’s wise guidance about your highest good?  A seasoned life coach has the intuition and experience to guide you forward.

What’s Next After We’ve Answered, “What Is a Life Coach?”

By honoring that side of you that desires lifestyle improvement, you are saying that you are ready to invest in yourself and your well-being.  Listen to that side of yourself.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

You are worth it!  Go for it!

There is a time, energy and financial commitment to partnering with a life coach.  Some coaches require a time commitment of 3 months or longer.  Others may ask you to sign a contract.  Requesting a complementary session will support you in determining if this is something you really want to pursue.

Your financial commitment to the partnership, of course, will be to compensate your coach for his or her time and skills.  Your time and energy commitment will depend on your desires, the amount of effort you are willing to invest and your coach’s recommendations.

My coach had me write letters to parts of myself, or to other individuals, that had been wrapped up in a lifetime of negative thinking.  I did not send the letters.  Writing the letters brought my negative thinking out into the light.  In other words, this process encouraged me to acknowledge the negative thinking, stop marinating in it and move forward.

If you are feeling comfortable that the question “What is a life coach?” has been answered, you may now be wondering if partnering with a life coach really resonates for you.  I would say that you cannot become (or reconnect with) yourself by yourself.  After many years of working to reconnect with myself on my own, I finally realized that I hadn’t connected at all.  You may be the one-in-a-million who is able to reconnect with yourself on your own.  Most of us cannot, though, as we humans were designed to be in partnerships.  The ultimate questions are: How ready are you to achieve your desires?  And, if not now, when!?!

Finding a Life Coach

You may find that a life coach just pops into your life, as in my case.  I was ready to move forward with my journey of self-discovery, and the Divine delivered!  Please be aware of events like this.  The Divine knows what is in your highest good, even if you haven’t accessed that awareness yet.

Alternatively, the Divine may be waiting for you to take the first step, such as writing down an intention for new and more fulfilling work.  Setting pen to paper is sending up an order to the Divine that you are committed.  It is like ordering in a restaurant.  You don’t go into restaurant and order, unless you are serious about eating, do you? 

From there, asking family, friends, your health practitioner or any other person close to you is a respectful and healthy way to find a life coach, because you will receive a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

Another approach is to search for life coach directories online.  An example directory is through the non-profit International Association of Professional Life Coaches.  It is an organization for coaches, and on its "Find a Coach" page is an opportunity to view a list of its members and their associated areas of expertise.  Which area of expertise most speaks to you?  This is guidance coming directly from your heart.

In Closing…

You have been made aware of what a life coach is and some options for finding one. 

More than anything else I have said here, looking for a connecting spark between you and your life coach upon first meeting is essential.  That important spark has the potential to develop into a deep synergy (a bond) between you, where you will be generously heard, always seen (which means your coach is focused on you) and enveloped in a safe environment that supports your evolution.

With this deep connection, your coach may become one of the most inspirational people in your life, as mine has been for me!  May that happen for you!

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