What is Spiritual Ascension 2.0?

What is Spiritual Ascension 2.0?  Spiritual ascension, as defined on the Human Spiritual Ascension page, is remembering that you are a sovereign being.  By adding 2.0, I am upgrading the definition to an even more empowered understanding that we are sovereign beings participating in a game called the human experience.  

What is spiritual ascension 2.0? Knowing we are Divine beings participating in the game of life!

Lorie Ladd, who channels higher dimensional beings, has presented material that I believe asks the question “What is Spiritual Ascension?” from an entirely new, enlightened viewpoint.  I resonated so deeply with what she presented that I felt impelled to pass it on.

What you will find on this page, and its related pages, is a summary of Lorie’s intense but compelling Reset 2022 program, which occurred in December 2021.  I invite you to be fully aware of the power stored in the material presented here.  The material focuses on the “nitty-gritty” that you may, or may not, be ready for.  If you feel uncomfortable with the material on this and its related pages, take away only what resonates for you.  However, if you do resonate with the material presented, you will find more information about Lorie, her Reset 2022 program and her other programs at http://lorieladd.com.

Ready to explore the question, “What is spiritual ascension 2.0?”  Let’s begin!  

Source’s Desire to Experience Itself

Our story begins with Source, the beginning of all things.  Substitute God, Allah, the Supreme Being or any other Divine term that feels comfortable for you.  Since the purpose of this website is to be universally spiritual, the more general term, Source, will be found here.

Source wished to experience Itself.  Since Source is All There Is, It could only experience Itself by breaking off pieces of Itself.  Each one of us, then, is one of these unique aspects of Source, and we have come to Earth to fulfill Source’s desire of having experiences that are different than what It knows as Itself. 

Everything is Energy

Everything is energy—Source, you (as an aspect of Source), your human body, plants, animals, the Earth, and all of the emotions, thoughts and beliefs that you experience.  Answering the question, “What is Spiritual Ascension 2.0?” cannot be accomplished without being aware that everything, even the physical world around us, is energy.  Spiritual ascension occurs in the realms of energy.  For some additional insight on how everything is energy, click on Quantum Physics and Spirituality.

Before Incarnating

In order to come to Earth to have experiences you must first decide on the key experiences that you would like to bring “home” to Source.  These chosen experiences are called core consciousnesses, and they are experiences like: abuse, unworthiness, lack, or maybe lack’s opposite, vast wealth.  In the realms outside of our 3rd dimensional world, any experience is just that, an experience.  It is only labeled good or bad/right or wrong in our 3rd dimensional world of duality and polarity.

It was important to choose a few key core consciousness because they give you direction during the precious, limited lifetime you have here on Earth.  Imagine wanting to drive your car from New York City to Los Angeles without a map or GPS.  You might get to Los Angeles without help.  However, the chances are you will end up a long way from where you intended to go, maybe as far away as Alaska!

For maximum results from your core consciousness experiences, you also chose the type of body you would incarnate into, your family, your time, date and place of birth and even your name.  P.S. As your name is power, you made sure you communicated your choice to your parents, despite their belief that they chose it! 

You then agreed to soul contracts with other aspects of Source (or other incarnating individuals) who would assist you in creating your core consciousness experiences, since it is rather difficult to experience something like unworthiness without the participation of another individual!  These contracts could be with anyone who is a part of your life here on Earth—your mother, your father, your spouse, your friend, your boss or even someone you talked to in a shop for 10 minutes the other day.

Answering “What is Spiritual Ascension 2.0?” Comes in Steps

You, as a whole consciousness, have now made your preparations for coming to Earth.  In order to answer the question, “What is Spiritual Ascension 2.0?” you must go through the entire ascension process by first forgetting, second experiencing and then finally remembering.  Be aware that attempting shortcuts will not lead you to the answer!

Click on the step that you are ready to review:

1 Forgetting (New!)

     We must first forget in order to have our full core consciousness experiences here on Earth.

2 Experiencing (New!)

     In any journey, we must first know our starting point before determining our direction and heading toward our destination.  In our life here in Earth, we must actually see what we exist in (i.e., experience various aspects of this dimension) before we can determine what we want to change or improve.

3 Remembering (New!)

     Finally, remembering the empowered human that we are through the assistance of tools and then honing in on our mission.

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