What Is Wisdom?

When you ask, “What is wisdom?” your first thoughts may be about historical figures, like Solomon the Biblical king or Socrates the famous Greek philosopher.  Your next thoughts may be, “What made them wise?  Is wisdom limited to famous people?” 

Our natural curiosity generally leads us to wonder about our own innate wisdom.  No matter what you may tell yourself, wisdom is already inherent in the being within you, whether you call that being your intuition, your heart, your higher self, your inner voice, or your inner guidance.  How do you connect with that inner being?  Supporting you in finding answers to this question is the overall mission of this website.  Some of the how-to “technical details” are presented on this web page and its linked pages.

Wisdom Lights the World

Definition of Wisdom

First, let’s define wisdom.  Dictionaries will answer the question, “What is wisdom?” with terms like experience, knowledge and judgment.  Is there someone that comes to mind, who has a lot of life experience, who seems to have great deal of knowledge at their fingertips and who awes you with how brilliant their decisions are in challenging situations?  I’ll bet that has described you too at times!

Wisdom may be found anywhere, even in places you wouldn’t expect.  Take the phrase that we say jokingly to one another, “Don’t wear paper shoes in the rain!”  In essence, it is reminding someone to avoid getting their feet wet.  It’s good advice, especially on a cold, damp day, don’t you think?  In this day and age, this piece of “wisdom” suggests how to avoid wet feet, however facetious.  In by-gone days, the wisdom would have had much more of an impact, when getting wet feet was correlated with contracting illness.  We would certainly sit up and take more notice of the phrase’s wisdom in that case, wouldn’t we? 

Wisdom, then, may be found anywhere and learned from anyone.  The question is, are you open to receiving it?  We’re either open or we’re closed, and we can’t be both at the same time.

“What is Wisdom?” in the Spiritual Sense

If you do an online search for “What is wisdom spiritually,” the results are most often related to religious spirituality.  If you are most supported by that view, wonderful!  However, as this website has been built with all beliefs in mind, spiritual wisdom is considered here in more general terms.

Based on my own quest, I’ve discovered that spiritual wisdom is knowing, and accepting, who we are.  When we reach this state, we move through life with compassion for ourselves and for others by holding everyone in our mind and heart as if they have already achieved their highest capacity, despite what they say or do.

It is a simple concept and yet may take a lifetime to accomplish.  Why would you set out on a journey to attain spiritual wisdom, then?  Joy at being alive, happiness with life and passion for what you are doing are just a few of the benefits.  How does that sound to you?  (It certainly sounds wonderful to me!)

This web page, and its associated pages, are passing on the wisdom learned from my own quest for spiritual wisdom.  Each topic below is (in my opinion) a critical piece in the foundation of coming to know, and accept, yourself, as well as understanding compassion.  (More topics will follow as they present themselves to my mind and heart!)  

Some topics may speak to you right now.  Some topics may strike you as something to review at a later time.  Then, some topics may never be of interest.  You are on your own unique journey.  Let your inner being guide you to the topic that truly resonates for you. 

What Is…?

Quantum Physics and Spirituality: How science supports the existence of realms outside of our 5 senses.

Our Evolution 

Aligning with Your Higher Self: What is occurring in our world today is the ultimate in reminders that it is time to align with your higher self now.    

Spiritual Ascension: Ascension is remembering that you are a sovereign being, who has the ability to make empowering choices through intuition.

Spiritual Ascension 2.0: Upgrading the understanding of spiritual ascension to:  We are aware, empowered beings participating in a GAME called the human experience!

The Creative Process

Law of Attraction: The creative process for bringing to life what you desire!

Self Esteem: Essential in order for the 2nd step of the creative process to occur.

Trust in the Divine: A vital part of the 3rd and final step of the creative process.

Wisdom In Other Forms

Answers to the question "What is wisdom?" may also come through quotes from enlightened people, beginning on the Most Inspirational Quotes page of this website.  Please don’t be shy about sharing your favorite, uplifting quotes with the rest of us on the Share Your Favorite Saying or Quote page!

And, art with its portrayal of ideas in visual form, has ways of prompting you to find your own wisdom inside.  Find some of this inspiring art on the New Perspectives page! 

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