Why Is Self Esteem Important?

You may be asking, “Why is self esteem important and why talk about it in this website?”  The answer is that it is as important as trusting in the Divine for manifesting what you desire!

If you would like to read how trusting in the Divine plays a major role in the creation process, click on Trust in the Divine.  If you are ready to see how self esteem plays its role in manifesting what you desire, then this is the page for you!

Why is self esteem important?  It shows us the way to our inner beauty!

What is Self Esteem?

There seems to be a consensus among dictionaries about the definition of self esteem.  Here’s the definition straight from the online Oxford Dictionary: “confidence in one’s worth or abilities; self-respect.”  In our modern world, this definition is often interpreted to mean how well we function in our society, with the “how well” expressing itself in the speed of our promotions at work, what kind of home we live in or what kind of car we drive.  Since our society places so much attention on these results, is it any wonder why self esteem is important in our world?

A Different Way of Looking at Self Esteem

If you have read the My Greatest Teachers page, you are aware that positive self esteem has been a work in progress for most of my life and why the topic of self esteem is important personally!  Even after starting an inspirational artwork business, self esteem topics have continued to pop up!  

For instance, soon after beginning the business, I exhibited artwork at an event and found that few people were interested in the artwork.  All the hard work, the energy and the love that I had put into the art was not as appreciated as I had expected.  As the event wore on, thoughts about myself spiraled down into the old thought patterns of being…shall we just say…less than positive.

This time around, though, there was an interruption in the old thought patterns.  On a walk a few days after the event, when my thoughts were at their lowest, an insight flashed through my mind.  

What was that insight?  To consider self esteem in the exact same way as trusting in the Divine.  In other words, self esteem has nothing to do with what is external, or outside of, us

Does that rock your thinking about self esteem?  It certainly did for me.  

In the Trust in the Divine page, the suggestion was made that the people and situations, which are external to us, come up in our life as a result of the Divine fulfilling the “order” of what we have been thinking.

How would that idea apply to our self esteem thoughts?  Beings from other dimensions partnering with human channels, such as the THEO group with Sheila Gillette, tell us that each one of us is a being of Divine essence.  We forgot this when we incarnated here on Earth.

What if we considered the people and situations that arise in our life as the Divine fulfilling the “order” of our self esteem thoughts (whether positive or negative) for the purpose of assisting us in remembering that we are Divine?  That is a far more empowering way of thinking about self esteem than believing we have no control over it, wouldn’t you agree?

Finally, Answering the Question: Why Is Self Esteem Important?

Let’s go back to our original question, “Why is self esteem important?”  The answer with the greatest impact on our lives is that it is a critical part of the creation process.  Surprised?  See below.

The creation process, which is laid out on the Law of Attraction page, consists of 3 steps. The 1st step is the Law of Attraction, where we focus our thoughts on what we desire—like attracts like. 

If we jump for a minute to the 3rd step, or the Law of Allowing, trusting in the Divine becomes an integral part of the creation process by allowing the Divine to work out how our creation comes to us.  (See the Trust in the Divine page.)  

Our self esteem plays its vital role in the 2nd step, or the Science of Deliberate Creation, where our desires are enhanced with powerful emotions.  Our thoughts about our self esteem, by their very nature, are powerful emotions.  In this 2nd step, our self esteem thoughts must match the energy, or frequency, of what we desire in order for the creation process to continue.  For example, if we desire wealth, our self esteem must match the positive, or high frequency, energy vibration of wealth in order to attract the wealth.  Anything less will not move the process forward.

So then, how do we bring our self esteem thoughts up into the high frequency energy vibrations of what we desire?  Click on Raising the Frequency of Our Self Esteem Thoughts for an answer!

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